Instructions on how to add or change
events to the 22nd Masonic District Calendar


click on this link if the link does not work copy then paste into your brouser.


Enter the user ID district22 and password district22 (all lower case, all one word).


Click on the "Log In!" button


Click on the tab "Standard" on the left side


Click on the item "Add Events" or to Change an Event click on the "Event" on the calendar to the right

At the bottom of the page under "Sharing" make sure you keep the message "Public".
If you click on "Private" no one will be able to view the event.
Note to All Lodges:

Your regular meeting dates are listed on the "District Lodges" page of the 22nd Masonic District's website. Do not add these dates to this calendar. Only add special meetings, special events or regular meetings with special activies that you would like all the area lodges to know about. Please be specific and explain the special nature of the event and any pertinent information when you post the item on this calendar. Thank You for your cooperation! Email comments and suggestion.