Cuyahoga County
Memorial Lodge
The Cuyahoga County Memorial Lodge was instituted by the Grand Lodge of Ohio on October 18, 1953 for the purpose of conducting funerals for sojourning Masons only. It does no degree work.

Upon request of their families or their home Lodges, we perform services for Brothers whose home Lodges are outside of Cuyahoga, Lorain, Medina, Summit, Portage and Lake counties. (Lodges within this area are expected to perform their own services.) When we receive a request to perform a service, we contact the Grand Lodge to verify the deceased Brother�s membership, Masonic dates and his dates of birth and death. We also place an ad in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Members are encouraged to check the Lodge notices section of the paper regularly, and to participate in the services as often as possible.

There is NEVER a fee to the family for the services we render.

Contact us by telephoning our

Worshipful Master RWB Roger Lynch at (440) 523-0955 or
Secretary WB Bruce Conner at(440) 465-5501.

Lodge Officers    
Worshipful Master RWB Roger Lynch
Senior Warden RWB Mark Bollinger
Junior Warden RWB Robert C. Hager
Treasurer WB James N. Haber
Secretary WB Bruce Conner
Chaplain RWB Robert D, Berteau
Senior Deacon RWB Johnathan Krapf
Junior Deacon RWB Robert C. Cygany
Senior Steward WB John Watson
Junior Steward WB Roman Vaynshtok
Tyler WB Jeffrey Kopacka

RWB Ronald L. Runion

Updated May 16, 2021