The Masonic Hospital Visitation Program (sponsored by Masonic Service Association of North America) renders important support to the disabled and lonely patients in V.A. Hospitals, State Veterans Homes and Extended Care Facilities. In our area, a new “Greeters Program” has been launched whereby our volunteers greet patients as they enter the Wade Park facility, provide directions within the hospital, and help in other ways to assist patients and visitors while at the facility. Complete details of this very worthwhile program can be obtained from our local MSA representatives – RWB Arthur Quade (440-526-4892) or RWB Robert Cubbison (440-237-7939). You can also contact the Cleveland Veterans Administration Medical Center Volunteer Service Officer, Mr. Lovell Henderson, Jr. (216-701-6511).

The Hospital Visitation Program is a vital part of the Fraternity that deserves your help and support. Please help spread the word about this worthwhile effort.