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September 21, 2011
Heritage Lodge Presentation

Brethren, I was humbled to receive an invitation to present a paper to Heritage Lodge No. 730 (the research lodge of our Grand jurisdiction) titled "Canada Lodge UD, GRC: The Craft at Work
in Kandahar. It was presented last night, 21 September 2011. This paper covers the early period of Canada Lodge during my time there. I have attached the paper for your consideration.
My time at Canada Lodge has been, and will remain, the most cherished of my memories of my time in Afghanistan. Thank you to all who have been such a big part of this.
With sincere and fraternal regards,
Bro 2Lt. Joe Curry
November 1, 2011
A book review by RWB Robert Hager on
"The Compasses and the Cross" - A History of the Masonic Knights Templar by Stephen Dafoe.

Updated December 1, 2011