22nd District Passport Program

Welcome Travelers!

Fill up your passport by travelling throughout the District!!!

Have you visited ALL of the 22nd District Lodges???

If so, notify the 22nd Masonic District Blue Lodge Association at 22MDBLA@gmail.com with your name, lodge, and a picture (if possible) of your passports!

What you need to get started:

Download: 2017 - 22nd District Passport (PDF)

Instructions: To make a District Passport (PDF)


Contact your 22nd Masonic District Blue Lodge Association @ 22MDBLA@gmail.com when you:
  • Have an event and need to get the message out.
  • Need new Passport/stamp strategies and programs for your Lodge.
  • Want to create new stamps!
  • Have general questions over the program.
Send us an email, we can help!