Grand Lodge Scholarship Foundation
There have been significant changes made to the Grand Lodge Scholarship Foundation. Beginning this year, there is a new set of procedures that will be used in awarding scholarships from the Foundation. The Foundation will no longer grant scholarships to a list of Ohio colleges, universities and other schools of higher education. Instead, one scholarship will be granted in each of the Masonic Districts in the Grand Lodge of Ohio. Each scholarship will total $2,000.00 and will be paid to the institution of higher education which the recipient is attending. Recipients may be Master Masons or relatives of Master Masons.

The application and selection process will work this way:
  • Each District has a Scholarship Committee to review the applications from their District. In the 22nd District, RWB Gregory Kita will serve as the Chairman of this Committee.
  • Applications are due to the District Scholarship Committee by March 1st, and are to be mailed to RWB Gregory M. Kita.
  • The District Scholarship Committee will recommend and submit between two and four names to the Grand Lodge Scholarship Committee for consideration by April 1st.
  • The actual recipients to receive the scholarship will be selected by the Grand Lodge Scholarship Committee.
  • If the recipient is a graduating High School senior, it is intended that a representative from the Masonic District or local Lodge would attend the High School Awards Ceremony and personally present a certificate acknowledging the Masonic Scholarship.
  • Each scholarship recipient will be strongly encouraged to attend the Grand Masterís Reception in the District and make a few remarks.

Updated October 24, 2018